Lisa Blackstone offers probate services in all the metro Atlanta counties to families who need the gentle counsel and support of an attorney that understands this very difficult time.  Besides offering a guiding hand, she avoids legalese and speaks plain English to bring you an understanding of the probate process.

There are many things you need to consider during the probate process and it can be overwhelming, especially with a fragile and emotional mind frame. Most people find comfort in delegating this task to an attorney who can handle it for them.



If you select the right Atlanta probate attorney, the probate process will no longer be intimidating. Contrary to what you may hear, probate is no longer something you need to avoid. Georgia streamlined their probate process and have very “user friendly” probate courts.

In fact, if you feel capable, you may be able to proceed without an attorney at all! Just be sure you have a full understanding of your duties and carry them out properly. There are several articles on this site that will give you some guidance about what to be mindful of.

There is a slightly different procedure depending on whether the deceased left a valid will or not.

Remember, a will allows YOU to decide how to leave your property. Without a will, the STATE decides who gets your property, and it is not always intuitive! For example, surprisingly, in Georgia the surviving spouse does not receive all of the property from their spouse if they had children.

Let Lisa Blackstone help you get through this process.

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